About Us

Markushu is a young company set up in 2011 to bring young new innovative brands and a fresh perspective to distribution to lovely homeland Morocco. Staffed by young & open-minded people, we did and do all we can to keep this vision going, however difficult it might be.

Previously having background in textiles, owners of the Markushu aimed to invest in new areas such as premium consumer electronics, brand-name toys and consumer health gadgets. As a family business, core values are fundamental and these include fair products for the mass market at fair prices.

We are proud in partnering with brands that offer great value, good quality and an unforgetable experience. Customer satisfaction, not only the retail partner but the end user is vital to our understanding.

Therefore, we stand behind all brands we sell and represent. Any problems you have, is our problem and we take responsibility.

But enough about us! — let’s talk about you and your needs. Whether you own a business as a retail store or e-commerce, you need merchandise and a good service that does the sale for you. That is what we stand for, feel free to contact us.