Efes Beverages

Beer has existed as a beverage in Anatolia since centuries. Efes Pilsen (5.0% ABV), after the Turkish name for the ancient city of Ephesus near the brewery in city of Izmir, is market leader currenly in Turkey, with a wide range of products and considerable heritage.

Sold in 4 continents and over 50 countries, it is a refreshing lager with light taste and sweet touch. The signature bottle, its non-alcoholic version and Mediterreanean image made Efes an attractive choice in our portfolio.

Royce Energy Drink

A fresh style in energy drinks market, Royce brand opens a new category as Halal energy drink, providing your body and mind necessary vitamins.

Produced in Turkey under European standards and certification, a cold can of Royce is a premium product, with its flavor and design.The recent introduction of Royce Mojito Ice has a mixed mint-lime flavor that is very popular in Morocco, and resembles the mint tea taste that consumer is accustomed to.

An attractive drink for a young hip crowd, and a refreshing alternative for the hot climate in Medinas.