GoXtreme Action Cams

GoXtreme Action Cameras have been in the market for quite some time and present a great alternative to the market leader GoPro cameras with better margins and better margins, and a lower end user pricing. With 1 year warranty and full accessories in packages, GoXtreme is becoming popular by day.

Allocacoc Innovative Plugs

Allocacoc is a crazy brand, aiming to revolutionise a boring product range as plugs ! With various travel adaptors, mobility and convenience, the products offer clever office solutions, as well as smarthome features. With different colours in their main product PowerCube, the brand won design awards past few years.

Outdoor Tech Sound

Outdoor Tech is a durable innovative headphone & accessories brand for any occasion, anywhere, any time. At a good end user pricing, with great features and strong build, consumer is happy with the brand. Covering all aspects of sound and music, Outdoor Tech is our long-term product partner.

LifeTrak Health Gadgets

With a slogan “Health tracking from A to Zzzz” LifeTrak does what it says it does: Track your Life and make sure your health is on track. Aiming to maximise your activity and monitoring your sleep cycles, the products mainly focus on your lifestyle and collect data to track your efforts. With long lasting battery and an attractive end user pricing, LifeTrak is the brand we hold in our product range.