fourteen.8.5 Virtual, closed, bypass, and you may conceptual accessors

Whenever a meeting statement has a fixed modifier, the function is considered is a fixed experiences. Whenever no fixed modifier is obtainable, the function is said to get a case feel.

A static knowledge is not in the a particular such as, and it is a gather-day error to mention to that particular regarding accessors off a great static experience.

An incident feel are in the confirmed example of a great classification, and that for example will likely be accessed as this (§11.7.12) on the accessors of this knowledge.

A virtual event declaration determine the accessors of that skills was virtual. The fresh virtual modifier applies to both accessors of an event.

A conceptual enjoy declaration determine the accessors of the knowledge try virtual, however, cannot offer an authentic implementation of new accessors. Instead, non-abstract derived categories have to promote their own execution having the accessors from the overriding the event. As an accessor getting an abstract experiences declaration provides not any implementation, it should perhaps not render skills_accessor_declarations.

A conference declaration filled with both conceptual and bypass modifiers determine that experience is abstract and you will overrides a base experiences. The fresh accessors of these a conference also are abstract.

Brand new accessors off an inherited digital experiences might be overridden into the an effective derived category by in addition to a meeting report one to specifies a keen override modifier. This really is called an enthusiastic overriding knowledge report. Instead, it specializes the fresh new implementations of your accessors from a current digital enjoy.

A keen overriding enjoy e accessibility modifiers and you can identity because overridden event, indeed there will be an identity conversion process within version of the latest overriding as well as the overridden skills, and you will both add and take away accessors can be specified inside brand new declaration.

An overriding experiences statement manhunt include the latest closed modifier. Usage of it modifier suppress a good derived group regarding further overriding the big event. New accessors away from a sealed experiences also are closed.

With the exception of differences in report and you can invocation sentence structure, digital, shut, bypass, and you can abstract accessors act like digital, close, bypass and conceptual measures. Particularly, the rules described into the §14.6.cuatro, §14.six.5, §fourteen.6.six, and you may §fourteen.6.7 use since if accessors was indeed types of a matching means. For every accessor represents a strategy having a single really worth factor of your enjoy method of, an emptiness get back kind of, therefore the same modifiers because that features feel.

fourteen.9 Indexers

A keen indexer is a member that allows an item becoming indexed in the same way since the an array. Indexers was proclaimed using indexer_declarations:

An indexer_declaration include a couple of attributes (§21) and you will a legitimate mixture of the fresh new four access modifiers (§14.3.6), new (§fourteen.step three.5), digital (§14.six.4), override (§14.six.5), shut (§14.6.6), abstract (§fourteen.six.7), and you may extern (§fourteen.6.8) modifiers.

Indexer e guidelines because the method declarations (§14.6) regarding good combos regarding modifiers, on one exception to this rule getting your fixed modifier is not permitted to the an indexer declaration.

The new modifiers virtual , bypass , and you may abstract is actually mutually personal but in one single case. This new conceptual and you will override modifiers may be used together so an abstract indexer normally override a virtual that.

A keen overriding knowledge report doesn’t declare another type of feel

Note: While the indexers are created to be used inside range ability-such as contexts, the definition of function kind of because defined for an array is also used with a keen indexer. end notice

Unless of course the brand new indexer is a specific program representative execution, the type is actually followed by the newest keywords so it . To have a specific software affiliate execution, the kind is accompanied by a software_type, a good  » . « , plus the search term which . As opposed to almost every other members, indexers do not have affiliate-outlined labels.